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If you want to find a meaningful gift for your loved ones, then you should check Morse code couple bracelet. You will find that their prices are reasonable too. They provide both classic and modern style for you to choose. Morse code couple bracelet is an expression of love.Truly, This makes it the perfect gift to give a loved one! It is more than just a necklace. It is an intimate message that can not be ignored. It is the perfect way to show you care without having to say the words.


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Welcome to Morse Code Bracelets

Glad to meet you here. We mainly manage Morse Code BraceletsAre you tired of ordinary bracelets? Are you looking for delicate and distinctive bracelets? Just come here. 

The Morse code bracelet is a mysterious and creative item. It is suitable for everyone. If you are a Morse code lover, you should not miss our store. It is ok if you can not understand Morse code because our product page has Morse code about letters. You can still get your Morse code bracelet.


What Is Morse Code?

Morse code is an intermittent signal code that expresses the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and punctuation marks by arranging them in different orders. It was invented in 1837 and was an early form of digital communication. Unlike modern digital communication, Morse code uses only binary codes with two states, zero and one.

Its code consists of five types.

 A short dot signal " . ".

 A long signal " - ".

 A pause between a dot and a stroke

 Medium pauses between each word

 The long pause between sentences.


What Is A Morse Code Bracelet?

Morse code bracelets express one or more words by arranging round and long beads according to the rules of Morse code. A round bead on it represents a "dot" in the code, and a long bead represents a "dash". Only the wearer knows the news. 


Great Gift for Boyfriend/Girlfriend 

 Hide The Whisper in The Bracelet 

 Mysterious And Sophisticated 

 Simple And Romantic 

 Love Words Only Be Decoded by Her / Him 

 Romantic Ceremony


We have always felt that two people are together, and they need to leave a little shadow of each other around. It is a performance of self-discipline, and a sense of security for the lover to spare no effort. 


If the ring corresponds to marriage, then the bracelet reflects the lovers. 

Put a pair of "handcuffs" on your wrists, willing to be restrained. 


We took some thought into making the Morse code bracelet. Since most couples like to wear a pair of bracelets, we decided to make bracelets that are different from other bracelets. 

We are very stubborn that the kind of couple bracelets that blatantly engraved "forever" and "I love you" does not look very high-end. Love is a personal issue. We don't need to shout and swear to anyone. Showing love secretly is more in line with most people's minds. 

After thinking about it, we decided to make a bracelet with Morse code arranged in large and small beads. For couples who have just been in love. I love you is a big secret that is placed in front of others but only known to each other.


Morse Code Bracelets Are Suitable for Many Occasions

Morse code is a mysterious, creative gift. No matter whom you give it to, they will be touched by your creativity and heart.

It can be a birthday gift by which you can express what you want to say most in Morse code!

It can be a holiday gift, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and more. Let Morse code express your good wishes and love for you!

It can be a graduation gift. Whether it is a gift from parents to children, brother to sister, sister to brother, or a gift from classmates to each other is a good, creative and memorable gift.